These Boots Are Made For Walking

These Boots Are Made For Walking

We don't want to say anything out of line, okay? It's just that what Kerry's wearing in this pictorial, a sweater and black pants, is just too damned hot. It's hot-looking as in sexy, but it's also hot-looking as in too hot to wear for the outside temperature. She is in Spain after all and there's swaying palm trees to match her swaying mams. What a relief when Kerry took off those clothes. She felt the same way. "This is how I dress when I go out for an errand or when I take the train to London for photoshoots for the site. Nothing too showy that will attract any attention," says Kerry. But there's no way a dedicated boob-man with boob-radar is not going to notice her magnificent chest in that tight sweater. Many Brit fans love boots so they stayed on.
Featuring: Kerry Marie
Date: October 27th, 2022
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