Blue Lingerie

DZAAAMNN! Now you see it, now you see it. Kerry Marie's outfit leaves nothing to the imagination, which is probably a good thing. At a time when you have your rod and staff in your hand, do you really want to expend the extra brain cells trying to picture what is under her less-than-there underwear? Probably not. Kerry teases us with her transparent body suit before finally deciding to peel it off. Can you feel the excitement building up in you? Busty Kerry Marie could keep any guy happily entertained with her tantilizing striptease, and tease she does.
Featuring: Kerry Marie
Date: June 1st, 2023
Photos: 73

Member Comments

2 weeks ago 
Nice outfit!! The last couple pics of Kerry “entertaining” are very hot!!
2 weeks ago 
Fuck me sideways. This is mega hot. I’m sure I’ve once seen samples of this shoot online or maybe a Voluptuous pictorial but she looks superb in every pic and the pussy pics are sublime. You are a goddess sweet, nasty Kerry Marie
2 weeks ago 
This pictorial is sheer heaven.

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