Bubble Bath

Ooohh, don't I look delicious when I slip out of my robe and into my tub! And wouldn't you like to slip into the tub with me, eh? I'll bet you would. You'd love to soap and suds me up, and wash me down, running your hands all over my boobs and my ass and legs, and...where else? You naughty, naughty boy! Oh, and what's that sticking up now, eh? Looks like Percy is very excited by the sight of me nude and soapy. 'Percy' is what we English girls call your prick, by the way. I'm also sure you'd like to suds me up with a hot cumbath! Now there's a thought that really turns me on. Maybe I'll just imagine I'm bathing in a tub full of your foamy sperm. Mmmm, yes...rubbing it all over me feels soooo good. Are you as horny as I am yet? I'm sure you will be after you see these shots. In fact, I'm sure you'll be shooting quite a load of spunk all over! Come on!
Featuring: Kerry Marie
Date: November 2nd, 2023
Photos: 66

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