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Missy says she can buy bras anywhere, her back doesn't hurt, and so on. Kerry Marie shows off some of the talents she has because of her big tits. She can lick her own nipples and suck them, too. She can also easily tit-fuck a guy. Kerry Marie pulls out an enormous dildo and then proceeds to show the small-busted Missy what tit-fucking is all about. She pumps a long double-dong between her gorgeously full cans, and then instructs Missy, who pulls out her own modestly sized vibrator and rubs it between her own breasts. Both Kerry Marie and Missy spread their legs and insert their dildos into their sopping wet pussies. The girls change positions, getting on all fours and then straddling their fuck-tools. They pump in and out until both explode at the same time. Read More »
Featuring: Kerry Marie
Date: September 22nd, 2023
Duration: 20:47

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